Critical Information Summary

Information About Services

Reachnet offers customers 1 service type.

Please note that Reachnet will not be accepting orders after 15 November 2015. Any customers with a valid BSL ID will need to be connected/installed before 15 December 2015.

Ten data plans on a 12 month contract for broadband satellite customers that wish to access the internet and email. When the data allowance is reached the service speed is shaped (reduced) to 128/128kbps. The plan can be upgraded to a higher data allowance to restore the service to normal speeds. Each service includes three email addresses as standard. When a data service is shaped, the normal speed will be restored at the start of the new month.

This service is available to eligible customers who do not have and have not had a previously subsidised satellite service. Customer speeds will vary depending on location, the modem signal strength and network congestion. Peak speeds for NBN NSS customers may achieve 4/1Mbps.

You must agree to have NBN Co deploy an Enex Test system at your premises. This device connects to your home network and reports to NBN Co on the performance of your satellite service.

As measured by an Enex eMetric device, the IPSTAR NBN NSS service speed target is at least 65% of the service’s minimum access speed for at least 85% of the time for both download and upload direction and will be verified by the Enex eMetric device.

All plans are invoiced monthly in advance and phone charges monthly in arrears. Invoices are emailed to customers on the first working day of the month. Customers are asked to pay their bills by the 14th working day of each month and will receive a payment reminder email 3 days after the 14th working day. Thereafter if an account remains unpaid a final notice is emailed on the last working day of each month and a warning of disconnection notice is emailed to customers who have not paid their account 60 days after the date of the invoice being issued in accordance with the Standard Form of Agreement. For more billing infomation, please click here

Information About Pricing

NBN NSS Plans and Pricings

The following plans are offered and are available from March 2015

Contract Plan Name Monthly Data Allowance Price (incl. GST)
Peak OffPeak Total Monthly Per MB Min Cost for 12 mths
12 mths RNSS001 1GB 3GB 4GB $27 $0.0065 $324
12 mths RNSS002 1GB 4GB 5GB $35 $0.0065 $420
12 mths RNSS003 2GB 6GB 8GB $53 $0.0065 $636
12 mths RNSS004 2GB 8GB 10GB $66 $0.0064 $792
12 mths RNSS005 3GB 9GB 12GB $78 $0.0063 $936
12 mths RNSS006 3GB 12GB 15GB $97 $0.0063 $1164
12 mths RNSS007 4GB 12GB 16GB $102 $0.0062 $1224
12 mths RNSS008 5GB 15GB 20GB $127 $0.0062 $1524
12 mths RNSS009 6GB 18GB 24GB $151 $0.0061 $1812
12 mths RNSS010 8GB 24GB 32GB $200 $0.0056 $2400

Note: A 12 month contract term applies to all customers selecting a Reachnet NBN/NSS plan.

You will be invoiced monthly in advance for your data usage plan.

The peak speed of satellite services may vary depending on your location in Australia, the modem signal strength and satellite network congestion. Peak speeds for Reachnet NBN customers may achieve 4/1 Mbps.
The service must be paid for in advance. If your account is not in credit, the Service may be suspended or terminated in accordance with the Reachnet Standard Form of Agreement.

All plans are shaped, meaning that when you exceed your monthly allowance your speed is slowed down to 128/128 kbps. Speeds are restored to your data plan at the start of the new month. Peak hours are local times 11am to 11pm and off peak hours are 11pm to 11am at the centre of the applicable spot beam rounded up to decimal numbers. Any national beam services are to be based on the Queensland time zone for peak and off peak calculations.

Maximum browsing and download speeds for satellite broadband are dependent on a number of issues including the number of users using the service within the network at any one time, performance of the satellite system, weather conditions (locally and at the station) and applications being used. Customers may find certain applications will not run as effectively on a satellite broadband service, when compared to an ADSL broadband service. This is largely due to the typical latency differences between the two service types.

All prices include GST.

Data Block Purchase

If the account is shaped, you can purchase data blocks to top your quota. The data blocks expire at the end of the month of the purchased date. For instance, if the purchase date of a data block is 15 March 2015, hence the expiry date is at midnight of 31 March 2015.

  • 500MB (~0.5GB) Peak hours datablock @ $7
  • 500MB (~0.5GB) Off Peak hours datablock @ $7

Capacity Reached for Beams 505 and 514

Please note that as at 22 Apr 2015, NBN NSS provider (IPSTAR) will no longer accept NSS orders from Satellite Retailers in beams 505 and 514 due to full capacity reached. If you are a customer who provided BSL ID in those 2 beams, the order cannot be processed as those 2 beams have reached their capacity.

Other Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are all data allowances based on calendar months or anniversary billing (the day they are connected)?
A:The data allowances are based on a calendar month and they are pro-rated if a customer joins mid month. The peak data is strictly for use during peak hours.

Q: How can I check my usage?
A:You can call us at 1300 798 007 or online at
Q: How is speed limiting applied?

A: The speed limiting is applied only to the period (peak or off peak) in which the quota is exceeded and will be applied in near real-time.

Q: How I know when are the peak hours and how are they derived?

A: NSS/IPStar use a number of "spot beams" over the country. These are focused on the population centres such as Perth, Darwin and along the eastern seaboard. It depends on your location as to whether you come under one of these beams.

IPstar beams

The peak time for all spot beams is set from local time 11.00am – 11.00pm each day with the Off-Peak time being 11.00pm – 11.00am. If your service falls outside of these areas, you will be placed on the National Beam (514) which covers the remainder of mainland Australia. The Peak/ Off Peak times are calculated as per the local time in Brisbane. There are changes made for most beams for daylight saving which take place at the start of October through to the end of March, these are described in the table below.

Beam Time offset GMT + X (values below)
Non-Daylight Saving (April to September) Daylight Saving (October to March)
501 - Perth 8 8
502 - Darwin 10 10
503 - Cairns 10 10
504 - Mackay 10 10
505 - Brisbane 10 10
507 - Sydney 10 11
514 - National Beam 10 10
506 - Port Macquarie 10 11
508 - Melbourne 10 11
509 - Adelaide 10 11
510 - Tasmania 10 11

Q: Do you offer data blocks?
A: Yes, please see above for prices.
Q: Why are the plans on this scheme different from previous NBN ISS scheme?

A: Previous scheme has reached capacity. The NBN NSS scheme is a new initiative that requires different hardware

Q: How long are plan changes expected to take?

A: Plan changes will take effect at the next billing cycle (1st day of the month).

Q: Are uploads counted against the Monthly Data Allowance?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you offer support for VoIP e.g. CBR?

A: There is no support for VoIP and CBR (Constant Bit Rate) cannot be purchased separately.

Q: Are IP addresses static, dynamic or sticky? Are they public IP addresses or are they NATed?

A: IP addresses belong are dynamic and are NATed. This means that we will not be able to offer a static public IP address service add-on.

Q: What equipment will be used for the service?

A: IPSTAR ICON Series modem and Raven 1.2M or 0.84M outdoor equipment.

Q: Can I churn before my 12 month term contract expires?

A: No, you can only churn if you have had the service for greater than 12 months and are out of contract term.

Q: What is the fee for early termination?

A: Customer must pay the remainder of the 12 month term.

Q: If I left the premises before the 12 month term expires, can a new occupant take over the existing term and have the account name changed??

A: Yes. Please contact reachnet to advise of name change.

Q: Does IPSTAR have a similar insurance policy to NBN Co's?


Q:Am I required to comprehensively insure the satellite equipment while in my possession and under my control?

A: IPSTAR recommends you should, however it is at your discretion. Please note IPSTAR will not warrant damaged/stolen/interfered with items.

Q: If there's an equipment failure, and the service takes 10 business days to be repaired, do I get a rebate for the time the system is offline? If not, do I get a rebate??

A: There is no rebate. The monthly subscription covers the technician visit and other administration costs to maintain this account.

Q: When does ownership of the satellite equipment pass to me? Is it on installation or after the 12 months or some other time?

A: Ownership is passed to you once installation is completed and the service is activated.

Complaints and Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman(TIO)

To lodge a Complaint, please email us at or call us at 1300 798 007 9am–5pm Monday to Friday. For more information about our complaint process, please visit our Complaint FAQs.

If you are not satisfied with your complaint resolution, you have the option to refer your case to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The following are the details:

  • Website:
  • Phone:1800 062 058