Technical support – FAQs

Note: These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided as a guide only. They have no impact on the terms and conditions or policies of Orion Satellite Systems Pty Ltd or of reachnet. In the case of inconsistency, the terms and conditions and policies of Orion Satellite Systems Pty Ltd and reachnet have precedence. If you have any doubt, please call 1300 798 007.

How secure is reachnet service?

reachnet’s service offers a very high level of data security. Data on the network is encrypted using triple DES and encryption keys are transmitted to the modems in encrypted form.

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) individually encrypts each internet/intranet session, multimedia stream or package with a unique session key that restricts access to a data stream or package. When a modem is activated, its identity is cryptographically authenticated to the NOC via a digitally signed message, verifying that it is authorised for service. As such, the modem only receives key information (in encrypted form) that is specifically addressed to it, and thus is only capable of decrypting and receiving data that is addressed to that modem specifically.

Does weather affect reachnet’s service?

The performance of all satellite services can be reduced during severe weather conditions, however reachnetuses technology to minimise service interruptions of this type.

Once the weather system clears, the service should return to normal, unless the satellite antenna has been damaged or knocked out of alignment by extreme winds. In this case, the satellite dish will need to be realigned prior to services returning to normal.

Is it possible to have additional email addresses?

When your service is installed, you will receive an information sheet regarding the setup of your email accounts. You can contact reachnet to configure additional email addresses or purchase additional email addresses. For assistance in configuring your email please view the Email FAQ here.

What kind of “ping” times can I expect with satellite?

Systems average in the 650–1150ms range, with about an 800ms typical ping.

Is there anything I can do to reduce latency?

No. The added latency/high ping times with satellite internet are due to the distance that data packets must travel. At the speed of light (3×10 8 meters per second), it takes around 0.24 seconds (or 240ms) for data to go up to the satellite and return to Earth. Double that time for a two-way connection, then add a few milliseconds for your data to be retrieved from the internet by the Network Operations Centre, and 800ms range.

How well do online games play over satellite?

Simple, slow paced games (like “” based games for example) play pretty well. By comparison, fast paced shooter games (Halo, Counter Strike, etc.) don’t play well at all, to the point of being unplayable.

There are some games that fall somewhere in the middle. Games like City of Heroes/Villains, WarCraft and the like play adequately. Users have reported acceptable game play with EverQuest-II and World of WarCraft.

Can I use Virtual Private Networking (VPN) over a reachnet connection?

Depending on the technologies used, any VPN solution that can operate in conjunction with a NAT gateway will work with the platform. Please contact us if you require additional information about the use of VPNs.