Billing – FAQs

Note: These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided as a guide only. They have no impact on the terms and conditions or policies of Orion Satellite Systems Pty Ltd or of reachnet. In the case of inconsistency, the terms and conditions and policies of Orion Satellite Systems Pty Ltd and reachnet have precedence. If you have any doubt, please call 1300 798 007.

What method of payment does reachnet accept for billing?

To ensure we offer our customers a competitive service, we accept payment by BPAY, credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), direct debit from bank account (Skymuster system only) and cheques (NSS system only).

How will I be invoiced?

All reachnet service plans are billed one month in advance for the data plan and in arrears for excess charges and netphone calls where applicable.

Customers will receive an email copy of their invoice each month on the anniversary of their connection date Payment of your invoice is required by the date indicated on the first page of your invoice. For those customers paying by credit card, your card will be automatically debited on the date indicated on your invoice.

All plans are invoiced monthly in advance and phone charges monthly in arrears. Invoices are emailed to customers on the first working day of the month. Customers are asked to pay their bills by the 14th working day of each month and will receive a payment reminder email 3 days after the 14th working day. Thereafter if an account remains unpaid a final notice is emailed on the last working day of each month and a warning of disconnection notice is emailed to customers who have not paid their account 60 days after the date of the invoice being issued in accordance with the Standard Form of Agreement.

Please ensure that you confirm the exact email address that you would like your invoice to be sent to. Customers who request a paper copy of their invoice will be charged $5.00 per invoice issued.

Please review your invoice on receipt and notify reachnet immediately if you believe there are any discrepancies. Your credit card will be debited automatically on the date indicated on the invoice.

What are the billing cycle and pro-rata accounts?

You will be billed monthly for the service on the same day every month. To bring your payments in line with this billing cycle, on your first month you will be charged a pro-rata amount. This amount is the payment for the remainder of your first month.

You will also be charged for any excess usage and netphone calls on the same day, however excess usage and netphone calls are billed in arrears, meaning that you get charged for the month just passed.

This means your first bill will be made up of your data usage plan fee for whatever portion of the month remains after your connection plus any installation or fixed fees.

Every subsequent bill will include:

  • A monthly charge for the plan, charged in advance
  • Any excess usage charges for the month just passed
  • Any netphone usage for the month just passed

*Excess usage only applies to non shaped plans, netphone calls are limited to Hughes 7740 modems and NBN system with VoIP.

What happens if my credit card payment is rejected?

In order to keep our costs low and pass the savings to our customers it is important that you inform us of any changes to your credit card details – including expiry date changes – as soon as possible so that we can adjust our records accordingly. Where a credit card payment is rejected, reachnet will attempt to contact you by phone and email to obtain correct credit card details. If we are unable to contact you or do not hear from you your account will be suspended by the end of the month following the month being invoiced and customers will be required to pay a fee of $50.00 to reconnect.

What happens if my account is suspended and/or cancelled?

If your account is suspended due to non-payment, to reactivate the account, you will have to clear all outstanding invoices and balance on your account. For cancelled account, you will have to reapply for the service. Please note that for NBN system, the NBN requires that a technician visit the premises to reconnect the service. This may takes 2 to 4 weeks depending on our locations. For both suspended and cancelled accounts, a $50 reconnection fee may apply.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any time without penalty. However please note that plan changes can only take effect on the 1st of the following month when the plan change is processed. There are no penalties or contract fees if you move to a plan with a greater monthly limit – there is a one off charge of $35.00 if you elect to downgrade your plan.
For LTSS service, please click here and for NSS service, please click here to review the available plan options, contact reachnet on 1300 798 007 or email

Late Payment Fee

Late Payment Fee of $5 will apply for overdue invoices and unsuccessful payments